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April 21, 2012
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Tidekit by Remepie Tidekit by Remepie
NAME: Tidekit of SharkClan

Daughter of Icystar and Swiftdrop


Hey! Reme here to say I'm joining another group :3 Anyways, this is an application for a kit I would love to adopt in this amazing group. Her name is Tidekit and she is a kit of Sharkclan. Wish me luck c: I'm going to give it a try. NEW: She got accepted! You don't even know how happy I am right now xD I love Tidekit so much, you don't even know.

So, enjoy~


N a m e: Tidekit >> Tidepaw >> Tidemoon

G e n d e r: Female >> She-kit/cat

A g e: Approximately Three and a Half Moons of Age

Clan: SharkClan

R a n k: Kit

D e s c r i p t i o n: Tidekit is a very pretty and rather exotically marked she-kit. She is quite petite, lithe, light-framed, and slender, with soft fluffy medium short kit fur, besides a strand of dark fur that rests on the left side of her face, identical to her mother’s. Tidekit’s fur mainly consists of a rich smoky grayish-black hue. A large brilliant crescent moon like shape covers the she-kit’s back, where a tuft of silver fur sticks up like a small wing on her right shoulder blade. Each of Tidekit’s small paws have pale silver “socks” paired with a single band of silver just above, looking like bracelets on each of the she-kit’s legs. On both of her hind legs, 5 pale silver spots are aligned in a vertical curve, lining her flank just above the leg like a backwards crescent moon. The first spot is small, the next medium, and then large, where the pattern follows with a medium spot before a small one. Tidekit has a very fluffy bushy tail, with soft gently tapered fur in a pallet of coal black, smoky gray, and light stripes of silver. Under each of Tidekit’s eyes, are 2 silvery dapples, the top spot being larger than the other. They appear like two perfect moons on her upper cheek. Behind her ears are silver moon shaped spots, one for each ear. Consuming most of the area where her eyelids are, and upper eye, are eye shadow like markings, both painted silver. Her small delicate nose is a striking rosy pink. One of Tidekit’s more beautiful and dazzling feature are her eyes, which brighten her black gray and silver appearance with luminous oceans of vibrant dark blues, containing many emotions of ranging shades of blue.

She has a small and lithe build, and is quite graceful. Her slim legs are long, more so than most cats her age. Tidekit takes much of her appearance from Swiftdrop, and will most likely grow up to be alot like her. Tidekit’s main fur colors are actually somewhat the same colors of Silverdrop’s, but inverted. Personally, Tidekit hates the fact that she looks nothing like her family in all. Both of her siblings appear like both their parents, but Tidekit looks almost like a stranger compared to her family. Her eyes are a much deeper shade than her father and littermates, with them all sharing that beautiful bright blue. But, she takes pride in saying that she’s the only one to resemble her mother the most, even though they have many differences too.

Ever since the death of her beloved father and sister, and the half abandonment of her mother, the little kitten’s eyes appear duller than normal, and she will often appear exhausted. She has turned into something of an insomniac; only able to sleep when feeling at peace or with someone she cares deeply for, which is rare. Her eyes display the lack of sleep from random sessions of sobbing and sleep trouble.

P e r s o n a l i t y: Ever since Tidekit was born unto the world, she had always been an incredibly timid and fragile she-kit. Wandering around camp for new things, exploring, and being frightened by the smallest of things, were normal for the mere kitten. Being a kit only fuels her curiosity and her innocent behavior. Often, she’s wandering, eyes lit in wonder at some of the most unnoticed things other cats would scoff at. Innocence is something that Tidekit has too much of, which makes her more youthful and naive than she seems to be.

The humble she-kit has many flaws, one being that she’s the type to not be very social, always preferring to hide behind her siblings instead. It is most likely due to her gentle sensitivity, awkwardness, and immense shyness towards others, developing as a kitten always surrounded by adoring peers, and the mews of awe and amazement as cats around her compared her to her mother. Something that other cats would find annoying or adorable, would be the way she speaks. Tidekit talks in a very quiet and or soft, gentle, and polite manner; voice just barely above a whisper. When speaking to her, oddly enough, she will stutter plenty, and talk in third person.

Tidekit is very obedient, never going against the will of others, especially her family. Some cat’s find it ridiculous, and wonder how a cat could behave so well. Tidekit likes to think that it’s better if she does what she’s told, to avoid trouble and making cats angry or sad. She hates negative emotions of others, and would much rather prefer carrying their burdens for them, suffering for them, and doing anything possible for anyone to not feel pain. Tidekit will especially do this towards her mother.

Traits that really shine in the kit’s character is her careful, gentle, soft-hearted, and soft-spoken persona. She will almost never raise her voice or loose her temper. So it would be difficult to make her truly angry, but easy to make her break down into tears. The she-kit is also very forgiving and nice, even to her enemies. She will always try to go about things in a peaceful way, avoiding conflict or trouble in any way possible. Tidekit doesn’t like fighting, and is more of a pacifist, but she’ll fight for what she believes in, or to protect the ones she loves deeply, again, if necessary.

But, the startling death of her father and sibling brought distressing results in Tidekit. Tidekit isn’t as bad off as her mother, but the tragedy was still great. She’s become much more quiet and anti-social then before, rarely leaving her brother or mother’s side, and scarcely makes conversation. Tidekit now has a strange habit of thinking everything is her fault, even at the simplest things, so she’ll apologize often. The kit really has turned into a lamenting husk of what she once was. It wouldn’t be anything surprising to hear the kitten apologizing for accidently touching you with a single hair of her pelt or breathing on you.

Just because she has become vastly fragile, distant, and timid, the melancholic kit still behaves properly. Her normally very sweet, innocent, and gentle nature hasn’t left in the slightest. She has just simply lost much of her outer qualities, such as speaking often and being around others. She still appreciates what she has and what’s around her, but, unfortunately, she will rarely smile or laugh.

The she-kit will go to many extents to avoid being alone or in the dark, she fears it badly. She just can’t stand the thought of being forgotten and alone, or being left in the fathomable shadows, it only makes her painful emotions worst. She fears danger, trouble, loss, or being forgotten. That’s why she tries so hard to not be a dead weight for her clan, and family.

Tidekit’s always trying not to let her emotions get the best of her, but ends up doing so. Tidekit doesn’t want to be so weak in the presence of her clanmates or family; she wants to be strong for them. But, alas, this doesn’t work too often. She’s just too sensitive. That is another reason why she sticks so close to her family. She's afraid of being a burden to others or ruining their lives with her presence. Like I said, she feels as if all of it is her fault.

All she feels that she has is her sibling, Littlekit. Ever since her mother started isolating herself from everyone, Tidekit has been increasingly lonely and afraid of her own and her brother’s safety. The silver gray she-kit will be seen sticking close by her brother. She fears losing him or being taken away from him. Tidekit will usually go where ever her brother is, and has some what of an older sister complex for him. She’ll do anything to keep him safe, and will go to many extents to make him happy too. It wouldn’t be hard to see Tidekit crying and begging for Littlekit not to leave her if he was ever going away, even for a small period of time. She loves him very much and shows it too. He is like her light…her sun…in a way. She wouldn’t dare let her light dim. Without him, or her mother, Tidekit may very well go insane.

Momma’s behavior towards the recent death of her mate and first born only make this harder for Tidekit. Swiftdrop’s distance to even her children makes the kit feel dejected. So, Tidekit will do anything in her power to make her beloved mother happy, with random gifts, and many attempts to cheer her up or make her feel better. But, many of these things are to no avail. Tidekit loves her mother very much; her mother is her rolemodel and only parent left. But the kit, feeling refused from her mother’s love, will often think that maybe Momma’s precious pink starfish is much more important than her own kits. It hurts to feel all alone, without the comfort and ever lasting radiance that only a mother could give. Tidekit will often be seen lost in thought, remembering the old days with her family so happy together. Happy. Painless. Loved. Yes, her paradise. But if Tidekit could receive one wish, she would be sure it would be prosperous for everyone. That wish is to just see her mother smile again…

F a m i l y:
Swiftdrop >> Mother >> Alive

Icystar >> Father >> Deceased

Coralkit >> Sister >> Deceased

Littlekit >> Brother >> Alive

S i b l i n g s:
Coralkit >> Sister >> Deceased

Littlekit >> Brother >> Alive

M a t e / C r u s h: N/A

K i t s: N/A

H i s t o r y: Tidekit entered the world as a healthy little she-kit. She was born to her loving parents, Swiftdrop, her mother, and Icystar, her father. Not to mention the darling siblings she had, her sister Coralkit, and her brother, Littlekit. She was gifted with beauty, a loving family, and a wonderful clan and clanmates to match. This was all the she-kit could want. She was loved, safe, warm, happy, never having to feel the deep abyss of loneliness. She had even been graced with the name “Tide”, in honor of her parent’s star-crossed love from the Tidepools that brought the two together.

In the time before the…incident…Tidekit loved exploring and having fun with her siblings, getting into trouble and letting curiosity win them over, such is a kit’s life. She grew relatively closer to her first born sister, Coralkit. The two were practically inseparable, Tidekit bonded with her closely. This, of course, didn’t mean she wasn’t close to her family as well. Her father had always been a great and tender soul, playing and loving his kits dearly. She looked up to her mother very much, she was so strong and sweet; it made Tidekit wonder how such a cat could exist. She would often be watching and imitating was her mother would do, just because she thought everything her mother did was best. Swiftdrop was her role model. Tidekit never once thought that her paradise would crumble to dust, simply in the nest few moons… Wonderland was going to end...

Two and a half moons later, a devastating illness gripped SharkClan, who never saw it coming, with death and sickness. It was a highly contagious and dangerous sickness that even the medicine cats found no known cure for. It was as if a plague had been sent to punish SharkClan for some unknown cause. Tidekit, being an innocent little kit, was unsure what was happening. Many of the cats she knew had fallen asleep…but they never woke up again, as far as she knew. They had gotten cold and very still…it was strange to the she-kit. They were simply taking a nap…right? Or had they gone away on a journey? She never knew, since she hadn’t seen their bodies again.

She remembered her father being really sick; he once got really still, cold, and didn’t wake up. Momma was crying real hard, and her siblings, confused and worried, but so was she. Lots of cats were frantic and didn’t look all to well. But, Tidekit mainly focused on why Momma and everyone were so sad and worried. Why were they all like that? Tidekit knew he was just taking a nap, since he woke up later, but didn’t look very good. Momma worried a lot, always frantic, so were the other cats. But, Tidekit didn’t know what was really going on. Her siblings never told her anything, and Momma would just smile and tell her not to worry, that everything was going to be okay. Tidekit, for the first time, questioned her. Was she wrong? Tidekit almost immediately scolded herself for doubting Momma, Momma was never wrong, to her, anyways. Tidekit never doubted her Momma, so of course, she believed. She believed a childish kit dream.

The cat who always smelled like plants told Momma something bad one day, it must’ve been bad, since Momma took it with a bunch of emotions that Tidekit couldn’t understand, all she got was simple. Momma didn’t like it. Then, daddy again got really bad looking and went all still again. Momma was again in a pained state. Tidekit, of course, knew he would be ok, he soon got back up, but he looked awfully worried too. Soon after that, Coralkit got really weird. She didn’t look okay, and could be around Tidekit very much. Coralkit looked really miserable, and it hurt Tidekit. The grayish black she-kit hadn’t a clue what was happening. But, this didn’t stop her from believing that Coralkit just wasn’t feeling in the mood to play or anything, that Coralkit was just…you know…tired. She was asleep or coughing a whole lot. Tidekit wasn’t happy with this, and she didn’t think her brother was either.

Momma got increasingly upset looking, the cats that smelled like tangy plants disappeared, and so did the cat that Tidekit had constantly seen ordering cats to go out of camp, and consult with her father. Tidekit wasn’t able to go near her father, and her Momma would go away to visit Daddy a whole lot more now. Tidekit didn’t understand, everyone was just going a way for a little…what was there to be worried about? Poor innocent Tidekit, she didn’t know something terrible was going to happen. Everything was falling.

Coralkit wouldn't get up one time. She was really cold and still, not a breath emitted from her jaws... Tidekit rose her head from sleep, blinking away tiredness, when she felt something wrong strike her in the stomach. It ached...but she knew she wasn't having belly ache...why did she feel like something terrible had happened?... Tidekit went over to where her sister was sleeping. She wasn't moving, like what was stated before. Narrowing her eyes in confusion, Tidekit nudged her a few times...until it was continuous when Coralkit was unresponsive... And then...and then would she wonder...what was wrong? Was she just taking a nap like daddy, the cat who gave orders like Daddy, and the herb smelling cats had? For some reason, Tidekit felt that something very bad happened. She didn’t understand. Then, something hot and ugly streamed down her cheeks, what was happening? Tidekit felt her eyes go blurry, the images before her becoming a slur. She heard many voices, but she couldn't identify them. Tidekit felt her body go rigid, and her paws become wobbly until they gave in and caused her to collapse, body trembling. What was happening? Was Tidekit getting all sick like Momma too?

One of those mysterious tears trickled down, and slipped towards her muzzle. When Tidekit ran her small pink tongue over it...the taste was... Bitter...

Momma found out that Coralkit was...sleeping...and then…Tidekit watched Momma...cry....the worst sadness she had ever seen from Momma... Tidekit didn't know she...was...she was...devastated over Coralkit. Tidekit wasn’t sure what was going on, but she didn’t get to… Momma and some other cats were talking, and then...Coralkit was taken away. Tidekit found herself sobbing again. She was crying for one of the first times in her life. Momma once explained that cats did it when they felt really happy or really sad…sweet tears and bitter tears... Tidekit was not, at all, happy that her sister, her best friend, was going away. Tidekit found herself pleading for them not to take her away, not to make Coralkit leave her and Littlekit. But to no avail, Tidekit’s cries weren’t answered. The other cats would just give her pitiful looks, and her mother just took her back to the nest, with that same horrible and very sad look on her face. Tidekit wasn’t understanding…or…she just…couldn’t understand. Her childish mind was keeping back the obvious, shielding her from…something… But she didn’t get it. Why was she so sad? Why were the cats in pain? Why was Momma so grief-stricken…? What happened to Coralkit?

Coralkit was just going to go away for a bit…until she would come back and they would play together like always…right?

But, oh no, everything was going to worsen. Her Wonderland would be…no more…

Her Daddy got really weird, and wasn’t able to see Littlekit and her anymore. Momma made a lot of disappearances every day, each time, she looked horribly sad when she went and came back. She could sometimes hear her Momma telling Daddy that we were all well and together…we were all…okay. But, Tidekit thought with confusion. Momma said that before…but…Coralkit went away…how was anything okay?

Then, one night, Momma visited Daddy…and then she didn’t come back for a while. Momma wouldn’t leave were Daddy was getting better for a really long time. The clan cats had to force Momma to go, which Tidekit didn’t like at all. She was, for the first time, angry. Why were they being so mean to Momma? Why did they take Coralkit away? That simple little question that echoes in our minds, all the time… Why?

After Daddy went away like Coralkit…it was then…when Tidekit understood. Her Momma got really weird, and she began to…break down…for lack of a better word. She would distance herself from everyone, even her own kits. Her company, for most of the time, was a pink starfish that Momma and Daddy found together, Tidekit heard the stories of their love countless times with her siblings. Tidekit would be left alone with her brother, other cats trying to comfort them and her mother. But Tidekit pushed them all away, along with Momma. Tidekit felt miserable and sad most of the time…her brother and her would always stick together…with Momma too when she wasn’t gone…Littlekit and Momma…the other cats too…weren’t acting like before…especially Momma. She began to act even worse than before. Well…what was wrong? Was it because the camp had been hectic for the last few moons following all those cats…going away? Or was it because of all the stress and troubles in those moons? Maybe there was a big fight, so everyone was frantic…or…was it because…she understood that Coralkit and Daddy weren’t coming back…like the other cats before them… Did Tidekit really understand? For some reason, that dream of paradise lingered, as if her heart screamed that it was gone, but her mind told her that they were just going away for a while.

Tidekit felt as if it was all her fault. She had done nothing. She was weak...useless...helpless... Maybe if she had woken up Coralkit...none of this would've happened...was it all her fault that all this happened? Was everything wrong...her fault?

Such is an innocent little kit's life. One such as her would have never understood that she would never feel paradiseagain

A little white flower among a beautiful meadow wilted as her surroundings frosted over into an abyss of darkness, turning that fragile pure flower scarlet with lament...

T h e m e S o n g s:

R o l e P l a y e d B y: :iconremepie: >> Remepie


I hope you didn't mind the blinding amount of writing in this, but I felt that it was missing something....and the history was mostly written from Tidekit's point of view from a 3rd person sort of feeling.

I hope you enjoyed this! Thank You for your time and consideration.


Roleplay with Tidekit using SharkClan Chat, Notes, MSN, Skype, or any way you find comfortable, just ask! Notes are preferred though. I will try reply as quickly as possible. Just ask if you have any questions or comments. Thank You!

Skype - xnekoponx



Group © :iconminnow-to-the-moon:
Cat Design © :iconwarriorrainyday: >> [link]
Art © :iconremepie:
Character Sheet © :iconthedifferingclans:
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Badluckbadkat Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
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